Town Doubts Man Will Make It by @thenatewolf


Nobody knows for sure where dreams start. Legend suggests that dreams are just an Angel’s wishes that got lost in your brain on their way to the subterranean wish-granting machine located at the center of the earth. Others have suggest that Humans are all just floating in some kind of alien power station and that our dreams are the byproduct of an incredible psychotropic drug that our alien harvesters feed us to keep us docile. We may never know.


But as powerful as dreams can be, they can be equally divisive. Nobody knows this better that Stephen Grissle, who’s dream has alienated him from the small town he was born and raised in and made him an outcast among those who once called him ‘friend’.


“I want to be a mechanic. I guess I have always wanted to be one, ever since I was a child. Not anything special, just a regular automotive mechanic,” said Grissle. “For some reason, the people of this town don’t seem to like that one bit. Not one bit.”


“It ain’t right” said Archie Stingers, “the boy ain’t meant for that big city glitz and glam. Sure, we have all been tempted by that world, but it’s too tough a road, too much competition. It’s called the automotive business not the automotive friends for a reason; it’s a cutthroat world. A boy like Stephen belongs here at home, living the simple life as a decent, hard-working dirt miller.”


Stephen has been accepted by a trade school in a nearby city and even received a partial scholarship for excellent entry test scores. He has located a dorm and a found a roommate but still the town is holding a large fundraiser this Friday that they are calling “Keep Stephen Home, So He Doesn’t Fail At Being A Mechanic And Have To Come Home Anyway.”


“We believe Stephen can do anything” said his mother “well, anything in the lower sub-set of jobs at the Dirt mill. The boy just ain’t that bright… Really it’s my fault; he’s been obsessed with cars since I let him watch that stupid Pixar movie… ‘Ratatouille’.

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