Bruce Springsteen Maintains Blue Collar Image by @thenatewolf

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After a legendary career that would leave any musician jealous, the Boss is back again and stronger than ever. Despite being a rock star since the age of 25, Bruce Springsteen at the age of 62 still somehow manages to maintain his “blue collar” image with his newest studio album: “Workin’ the plough”.

“It’s a combination of songs for the people I understand best; the working man, living pay cheque to pay cheque just trying to get by” said Bruce, from his secret island south of San Tropez. “I wanted to write music that really expressed what a lifetime of hardship and turmoil sounds like”.

With tracks like “Cracks on these hands” and “Never see the sun” Springsteen reflects on the hard times in his 40 year career. Tribulations that include: The wrong kind of champagne, millionaire’s fatigue, unflattering backstage upholstery, lacklustre award show gift bags, chatty limousine drivers, catty magazine photographers, hand cramps,  bandana failure and blowjob apathy.

Songs like “I’ll buy you that ring someday” and “Should we keep it?” reflect Bruce’s deep understanding of the tough grind that the everyman faces each day.

“The people of America are ready for this album. With the tough economic climate and unemployment ripping out the heart of this great nation, the people are ready for music that expresses the way they feel” said Bruce before boarding his helli-jet for his polo match with Elvis Costello, George Forman and a Saudi prince.

In related news; Bono upheld his stellar record of philanthropy last month by hosting major fundraisers for a number of groups including: The former CEOs of Lehman brothers, AIG and Merrill Lynch, The society for the protection of manners, Amazing Grace Baptist Church, Free Casey Anthony, The Starcraft advancement league and NAMBLA.

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