The Herbal Tea Report by @thenatewolf


As October rolls in and fall weather forces us to un-box our autumn sweaters the major players in the herbal tea game are preparing to unveil their new line up of contenders for “Hottest new tea” and baby, we ain’t talking about temperature.

If the summer selection of new cold teas was any indication; this fall’s “steeps week” should prove to be a doozie.

“The stroke of genius that led to adding dried fruits to the tea bags last year was a game changer” said Earl Grey at the yearly tea-brewers convention: ‘Tea-3’. “This year I think people are really focussing on their health, and the trend will surely lead to innovations this herbal tea season”.

That prediction proved to be correct as it seems this teason’s efforts are concentrated squarely on herbal teas and more specifically; getting as much garbage as possible per bag of tea.

“The market had been shifting over the last few years as consumer desire has drifted away from potent and aromatic leaves and more towards drinking things you pull out of your garden” said Bobby Pekoe “it is not surprising to see the manufacturers adjust in such a dramatic way”.

Red Rose has released a lemon zinger infused with dandelion stem and apple peel. Tetley responded with a chamomile blend complimented with onion seed and lettuce stalk. Lipton is planning on unveiling its gold medal winning Chinese green tea with peanut shells and agave runoff.

But the clear winner of the so-called ‘compost battle’ was Twinnings with their “Fall Health Blend”. A combination of: olive pit, burnt toast scrape-off, rose thorn, avocado skin, pizza box cheese, pineapple spine, chicken bones, Ivy mould, banana bruise and small sticks.

Looks like we will have plenty to steep on as we wait for December’s spiced teas!

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