10 Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas to Save You Money During the Work Week by @tarashoe


i live in one of the most delicious cities in the country. it’s also one of the most expensive. it is. it is the most expensive i think. so i’m sharing my experience of bringing my own homemade lunches into the office. below are two weeks worth of mouth-watering lunch ideas—don’t forget to click the links for the originally posted recipes!

Monday, Week 1

proud to say i made a batch of 3-bean smoked coriander and cumin turkey chili

! the trick here is to let it simmer in a slow cooker for 18 hours, so i woke up at 4am yesterday to start cooking. some of my neighbors stopped me in the hallway to tell me that they woke up to the powerful scents coming from my kitchen. a lot of them did, actually! i made a large batch, so this should last me the entire week!

edit: ok, so i had some for dinner. i couldn’t help myself! i could eat this shit for the rest of my life

Tuesday, Week 1

more chili, as planned 🙂 did you know that the longer the chili sits, the more flavorful it becomes? not to mention all the unique aromas it absorbs while it’s reheating in the breakroom microwave

Wednesday, Week 1

more chili. some people at work have started noticing, but i’ll only give away the recipe upon request 😉 i let marie try some, and she commented on how delicious it was “for something homemade”. i agreed that it tasted just as good as it did yesterday. like very very similar to how it tasted yesterday

edit: i just ate the rest of the chili for dinner, because i wanted to know what my fridge would look like without it in there. food is technically just sustenance, and doesn’t always need to taste new or make you feel nice

Thursday, Week 1

marie was raving about the lunch she got from Sushirrito. it looked so good, and i must admit i almost caved when she begged me to order a Sumo Crunch from there instead of eating my homemade lunch. i mean she really pleaded! but i said no thanks, marie. i’m happy with my greek yogurt chicken raisin salad

. perfectly fucking happy

Friday, Week 1

brought in shredded chard and tuna muffins

. no one wanted to try these—hey, more for me! they taste bad and i dislike them, but i made them, so i’m obligated to love them. like children almost! these horrible fish muffins are like my very own children

Monday, Week 2

ok precisely how many times can one eat Sushirrito in one week. i think marie is aiming to try everything on the menu just to make us jealous. i’m so hungry. i picked the walnuts out of my wilted spinach salad and threw the rest in the street. marie is going to get sick from eating so much raw fish. seriously sick. you’re sick, marie. i’m so hungry

Tuesday, Week 2

shoot, i prepared this fridge scavenger bento box

to bring in today, but i accidentally not on purpose left it at home not on purpose. that’s fine, because there’s a whole bowl of single serving coffee creamers in the breakroom. see, just have to get creative! and at least i won’t have to spend several hours tonight making my lunch for tomorrow, because i still have that fridge scavenger bento box

edit: i ate the fridge scavenger bento box when i got home. then i had a meatball sub, to help myself feel better about replying-all to the company-wide email earlier today with just the word “hekp”

Wednesday, Week 2

sometimes i look at you and think i honest-to-god hate you, marie

Thursday, Week 2

i forgot my lunch again, which was supposed to be this quinoa sweet potato patty whatever something thing

. so i went to starbucks and bought all of the maple doughnuts they had in the display case, then i went across the street to the peets and ordered all of their maple doughnuts, while eating the starbucks maple doughnuts, because that’s a scientific experiment i’d been meaning to conduct anyway

Friday, Week 2

i went to fucking Sushirrito and spent $90 very easily


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