10 Reasons Why You Should Commit Crimes – by @HammerFist3

Crime, it’s one of the two most important things in the world, the other is Not-Crime which is every single other thing happening that isn’t crime. Crime has been around since nature existed. In the animal kingdom crime is  present but a completely normal part of life. In the human realm crime is met with punishment… If you get caught. But if you don’t get caught the payoff from committing crimes could be off the charts. So why are people against committing crimes? Some people might answer with things like “right & wrong” arguments or “morals” People have been against the idea of crimes from the beginning of civilization. “We should do more Not-Crimes and also put people who do Crimes in jail” said one guy at one point in history. Ever since then people have had this crazy idea that crimes are bad but I am here to tell you that crime is actually good and not bad & you should do crimes all the time Here are the reasons why:

1. Crime is cool as hell & everyone knows it.

2. You can get free stuff.

3. With crime anything is possible.

4. You get to be on the news maybe.

5. You get to meet new people.

6. Crimes.

7. You could wear a cool mask or like an all black outfit that could look pretty good on you.

8. Babes love crimes.

9. Travel experience.

10. You could steal a jet ski or something, I don’t know , a hot air balloon maybe? An expensive car? All the beans at the local grocery store.. Whatever man. Whatever you want.

I hope you have learned about crimes today and how you should do them all the time. Get out there champ, get out there and have some fun today.

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