35 First Date Questions by @1followernodad

35 q's

35 First Date Questions to Get to Know Your Date:

  1. You’re not allergic to Febreeze are you?
  2. Are you Toni Morrison or have you ever been?
  3. What do you think about homeless people owning dogs?
  4. What does “Beez in the trap” mean to you?
  5. What color was the VHS tape of “Harriet the Spy”?
  6. Who is my celebrity crush— don’t be wrong?
  7. How tall is Angela Lansbury?
  8. Do you find the way crabs walk funny or creepy?
  9. Did you see Rat Race (2011)?
  10. Do you think polar bears really like coke? Why are we giving them so much?
  11. Have you ever been buried alive and would you like to be?
  12. Describe the taste of blood please?
  13. Have you ever been sexually excited by a nun? Do you think it’s because they look like solemn penguins?
  14. Have you ever been to a Bolivian mine?
  15. Have you ever been stuck in a Bolivian mine?
  16. If I threw a beer bottle at a stranger and blamed you, would you have my back?
  17. Which character from Suite Life of Zach in Cody are you?
  18. Are you more excited by the idea of clothes made out of peanut butter or all dogs having to wear fanny packs?
  19. Where were you during the Kennedy assassination?
  20. Ok, where were you really?
  21. What is your Oregon Trail strategy?
  22. What’s your favorite winter constellation?
  23. Is your dad hot?
  24. Will you go to a funeral with me next month?
  25. How much oatmeal do you honestly think you can eat in one sitting?
  26. Have you ever eaten a magnet? If so how long did it take to pass?
  27. What are your medical weaknesses?
  28. What’s your favorite keyboard shortcut?
  29. What 90s television celebrity would you must want to watch salsa dance in a whale costume?
  30. Which Disney princess are you most afraid will come to life?
  31. Do you ever think that your boss is actually John Malkovich?
  32. What’s the best line of Cool Runnings?
  33. How many pairs of panty hose do you own and why?
  34. Which font represents your feelings towards Bon Jovi the most?
  35. What season do you feel is the most arrogant?
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