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A Light is Waiting to Carry You Home by Stephanie Mickus (@smickable)

“I’m gonna make lemonade!” exclaimed DJ as she ran through the backdoor into the Tanner family kitchen throwing her car keys on the kitchen counter. “That was so exhilarating! Thanks for giving me a driving lesson, Uncle Joey! I can’t believe how freeing and grown up it feels to be out on the open road! And in a convertible, It’s every girl’s dream!” said DJ thankfully.

“I’m not actually your Uncle, DJ. You know that right?” quipped Uncle Joey trying to start a conversation with DJ who is still too excited to answer the posed question. “Wait until I tell everyone at school on Monday. They’ll never believe what I did. It’s so RAD. If only every girl was as lucky as me to have an Uncle like you!” raved DJ.

Once again, Joey interjected, “Now DJ, I’m not your actual Uncle and I think it’s probably about time that you stop—.” DJ cut Joey off mid-sentence to finish her rant about just how rad and perhaps even tubular it felt to be driving. “Steve is going to be majorly jealous. His Dad never does stuff like this with him. I think a bunch of kids from school saw me. Everyone is going to be talking, like that one time Dad bought me the neon paint-splattered shirt Laura wore on Family Matters and everyone at school thought I was all that.” DJ bragged.

“Yeah DJ, we get it. It was cool. Now can you calm down? There’s something serious I need to talk to you about.”

“Sure Uncle Joey, what’s up?”

“I told you not to call me that. I’m not your real uncle. I’m your dad’s comedian friend that moved in here when I was only 29 to help raise you after your mother died in a tragic drunk driving accident. I’m not related to you at all.”

“Well, yeah, I guess I’ve always known that, but you are just as special to me as Dad or Uncle Jesse. You are always there to make me laugh and you mean so much to me.

“Cut it out” motioned Joey famously. “But in all seriousness that’s what I want to talk to you about. You are very special to me. Like VERY special to me.”

“Awww Uncle Jo—-.”

Uncle Joey moved closer to DJ and put his index finger over her lips as she said his name in an effort to shush her. “I told you not to call me that.”

DJ didn’t know what was happening nor did she have time to figure it out. The day

had been so freeing and she was still a whirlwind of emotion. Before she knew it, Uncle Joey replaced his shushing finger on her lips with his lips, gently pressing them against hers. He grabbed the back of her neck and caressed her long flowing crimped locks and kissed her harder. Opening his mouth the slightest bit he introduced her tongue to his tongue.

Wasting no time, he ripped open her denim jacket. For once, DJ ,the straight-A student didn’t try to be logical. She didn’t want to fight this. It felt so right. After all, Joey had a point. He wasn’t actually her uncle and she was 16, the age of consent in the state of California. DJ’s long-time boyfriend Steve had looked that up at the library back when they first thought about getting intimate.

DJ did not protest even the slightest bit and her body signaled Joey to proceed— and proceed he did. He threw her against the kitchen counter simultaneously rolling her polka-dotted leggings as far down as he could before getting them caught on her neon Hi Tops. He commandingly pulled them both off. Unable to wait any longer, DJ’s New Kids on the Block t-shirt remained on. He artfully slide her dark purple panties to one side, unzipped his Levi’s and pulled himself out. DJ stared at Joey’s enormous pulsating member in disbelief.

“Oh my goodness. Is that…rr…rr…real?”

“Yes, DJ. It’s very real and it’s all for you. I knew you were a dirty girl behind your innocent and studious facade. I knew you were just like me,” declared Joey.

Joey was admittedly being a little forward, but such is a man when he is overflowing with carnal rage. He wasted no more time and entered DJ’s tight young pussy. He fixed his thrusts at a methodical pace that was just enough to keep DJ wanting more.
“Harder please,” DJ implored still noticeably timid. Uncle Joey put one hand on DJ’s shoulder and one hand on her hip anchoring her to the countertop and answered her cry for roughness. Joey railed his 8 inches of power right into her eager hole.

DJ moaned. “Hurt me,” she whispered but with purpose. Both her words and facial expression let Joey know without a doubt that she wanted even more. He flipped the visibly flushed teen over, pushing her head down hard on to the countertop stopping only as her cheek crashed into the granite. The cool countertop juxtaposed to the hot fire raging inside her loin was a welcome addition despite the pain now emanating from her cracked jaw. Joey pulled her braided pigtails hard until DJ squeaked like a small western prairie mouse.

“Is that hard enough?” asked Joey. DJ was unable to speak or even shake her head in affirmation. Placing his free hand in his mouth, Joey wet his palm with his own saliva reached around DJ’s body resting his lubricated digits on top of her treasure of a clit. He rubbed it in perfect time with his thrusts bringing DJ to the very brink of orgasm.

One more flick of her clit accompanied by the deepest thrust she had ever experienced sent the 16 year old into sheer ecstasy. She moaned as her sweet teenage juices poured out over Joey’s cock. In one swift motion, he pulled out and gripped his still raging erection stroking it from base to tip as he ejaculated all over Donnie Wahlberg’s face.

“Bet I don’t feel like your uncle anymore.”

This article was written by Stephanie Mickus (@smickable) and she is not embarrassed at all.

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