Articles I’m Pitching For Cosmopolitan by @smickable

How To Turn Your Unsightly Body Fat Into An Eating Disorder

How To Tell If Your Problem Area Is Your Mid-Section Or the Warped Ideals Modern Society Places On Women

Mix Kosher Salt With Mint Balm For An Exfoliating Scrub That Will Not Only Leave Your Lips Kissable But Remind You How Insane Our Society Is

14 Ways To Show Him His Dick Is Everything You’ll Ever Need So He Can Start Taking You For Granted- Plus Eye Liner Tips!

Functional Fashion Is So Last Season; Rediscovering Ancient Foot Binding

Why Anal Might Be Right Up Your Alley

Back To Simplicity; Why You Only Need 45 Statement Pieces This Season

Something Else Is Already The New Black Since We Printed This

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