Lost and Found by @primawesome


A couple in their early 20s walk side by side through a corn maze.


ASHLEY: Okay, I’m positive we’ve come this way before.


MARC: No, this is the way out. I’m sure of it.


ASHLEY: It’s getting dark. Soon we won’t even be able to see where we’re going.


MARC: Well then let’s pick up the pace. You’re not helping anyone by complaining.


ASHLEY: I’m not complaining. I’m stating facts. FACT: we’ve already come this way. FACT: it will be dark soon and then we’ll really be lost.


Marc stops walking and turns to face Ashley.


MARC: You know what, Ashley? It was your idea to come to this stupid fucking corn maze. Who picks a corn maze as a first date? We could be in a nice warm restaurant drinking wine right now. Instead I’m stuck in a muddy field, and I’ve RUINED my new shoes.


ASHLEY: Who wears new shoes to a corn maze?!


MARC: THAT’S NOT THE…you know what? Fuck it. I’m going this way. You go whatever way you want.


Marc storms off down a path away from Ashley.


ASHLEY: Unbelievable.


The sun begins to set behind the hills and it’s becoming more and more difficult to see. Ashley doubles back and takes what she believes to be the correct path.


At the end of the path she sees a figure walking towards her.


ASHLEY: Hello? Hey!


As she gets closer she sees it’s one of the guys who was selling tickets outside the maze.


GUY: Well hey there, miss. Little lost?


ASHLEY: Yeah. Thank god I ran into you. Sun is going down. I assume you know the way out?


GUY: Sure do. I do a sweep everyday at sundown. There’s always a few people who don’t make it out. Say, where’s the fella you came in with?


ASHLEY: He threw a fit and went off on his own. Got all upset about ruining his new shoes.


GUY: Who wears new shoes to a corn maze?


ASHLEY: I know right?


They share a good laugh.


GUY: Well come on then. Lets get you out of here.


They walk for a while taking a turn here and a turn there. After a while they come to a clearing with a big bonfire in the middle. Two other men sit on a log next to it.


ASHLEY: Um, what is this?


GUY: Oh, me and the boys are just having a little cookout. We’d love if you joined us.


Suddenly Ashley is shoved to the ground.




With a knee in her back the guy binds her hands with a zip tie. He pulls her to her feet. As he walks her closer to the fire she sees what they are cooking. The remains of Marc are skewered on a spit above the fire.


GUY: We’re just finishing off your boyfriend. Thought we’d have ourselves something sweet for dessert. Don’t bother screaming. Ain’t no one around here for miles.


They guys sitting at the fire begin to laugh. Suddenly, Ashley begins to laugh too, even harder.


The guy pulls her hair back and grabs her throat.


GUY: What the fuck are you laughing at, you crazy bitch?


Ashley looks up at the sky, just now turning black. The moon shines brightly.


ASHLEY: Full moon tonight.


GUY: Yeah. So what?


ASHLEY: You guys ate my dinner. And I’m starving.


Ashley spins quickly with impossible strength, throwing the guy to the feet of his friends. They watch in horror as she breaks her hands from the zip tie and begins to transform into a giant wolf.


Their screams echoed off the surrounding hills, but no one was around to hear them.



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