Well, listen to THIS! (Fountains of Wayne)

Hi, my name is Allie Goertz and I write nerdy love songs under the moniker Cossbysweater. In this column, I will be sharing with you my favorite bands and artists I think you should know and love. You know that new sound you were looking for? Well, listen to THIS. 

Fountains of Wayne

You know Fountains of Wayne. They’re behind that song “Stacy’s Mom” that I choreographed a light saber routine to in 7th grade. While my “friends” and I performed our number for the rest of our gym class,  you likely caught this irreverent power pop ballad each time you flipped on VH1 or MTV.

To this day, few people can hear mention of a Stacy without thinking of the painfully catchy MILF-loving anthem. But in 2014, I have heard human beings with working ears and brains refer to Fountains of Wayne as a “one hit wonder”.  Amidst the likes of Toni Basil, Right Said Fred, and Los Del Rio! “Who?” you might ask. “YEAH I KNOW,” I’d cry as I slammed my locker.

Let me uncross my arms and hold off on the eternal eye-roll so I that may share the love of my favorite non-Beatles band.


Let’s travel back in time to 1996. While I’d love to set the scene of the 90’s power pop/rock/grunge scene, I was only 5, and attended few to zero concerts. This was the year I was spoon-fed Fountains of Wayne in between bites of Spaghetti O’s and KC Masterpiece. Fountains of Wayne’s self-titled album is near and dear to me, and when I think really hard about it?… My favorite album. Not Abbey Road, Pet Sounds, or Blue. Fountains of Wayne’s Fountains of Wayne.

I’ve thought about this long and hard, the way all self-labeled-music-nerds do, and after making a dozen Top Five lists, I have secured this as my number one.

Keep in mind, I said favorite NOT best. I like this album not for nostalgia alone. My love stems from their sharp, clever lyrics paired with achy, poppy melodies, riding atop all that crunchy, grungy guitar. It’s those same catchy choruses and signature sound from their first two albums that lead to their “we want to prove we know how to write a hit” household hit.

Apart from insistent hyping, there’s little I can do to convince you of FoW’s greatness without sitting you down for a forced listening party. So to move this process along, I have compiled a Spotify playlist with all of the greatest Fountains of Wayne’s songs in chronological order for you to listen to. I left off some favs that you can find on your own later. For now, put on some headphones and turn on the essentials.

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