The Problem With Catchy Songs by @isaacjonenen

A fictitious article on the nonexistent but ever prevalent musical artist James Cole, whom, if more appropriately named and described, would be called Legion – for he is many.

JAMES COLE IS AN UP-AND-COMING Singer/Songwriter who’s on the fast track to collecting royalties from his many radio-friendly choruses and clever hooks. His lyrics come from his heart, which sits vulnerably on his sleeve next to the wristband that proudly displays his support for the fight against breast cancer. His voice is smooth, and the stories in his songs teasingly allude to the description of his lover – throwing us off at every turn, keeping us wondering if we might be the “one,” by nearly seeming to describe a different girl in each love ballad.

But not all is fair in love and war, as Cole confides in us the hardest part about writing catchy songs, and challenges he faces with people never quite understanding.

“The tracks even get stuck in my head,” James says as his tribal tattooed arm rests over the full-bodied Fender acoustic he’s been fiddling with throughout the interview, “It’s incredibly embarrassing. I’ll just be hanging around my loft, with some friends, or girls or something, and I’ll start singing the bridge to one of my own songs. And it’s just like, ‘God,’ even I think it’s obnoxious.”

He goes on to explain to us that when he’s been “in the zone,” trying to track the song, or rehearse it with his backing band, he can’t help but get the chorus stuck in his head, and he just has to be hopeful that those around him will realize that it’s simply the magic of the music and not that he’s self-absorbed.

“One of my singles will come on the radio and I change the station. But I still end up humming whichever part it was on two minutes later,” says Cole, “it’s just something musicians have to live with, I guess.”

We were hoping to pick his brain a bit longer, and really delve into the mind of an artist, but the interview was cut short when Cole realized he hadn’t figured out which button-up shirt he was going to wear for the first two songs of his set tonight before getting too sweaty and begrudgingly having to show the audience his arms and pecs through his undershirt.

James Cole’s sophomore album “SONGS FOR SOMEONE” will be available on iTunes next month, but there are plenty of cover-songs from the album’s first two singles “LOVE IS SOMEWHERE” and “SPECIAL SECRETS” by young teens with ukuleles and better voices on YouTube to hold us off until then.

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