21 Funeral Themes I’m Considering by @1followernodad


  1. Rice Krispy treats
  2. Put the “fun” back in funeral
  3. Tokyo Drift
  4. Teachers leaving the cursor on the screen when showing a video in class.
  5. Lisa Frank
  6. Weaknesses in the Articles of the Confederation
  7. Buzzfeed
  8. Death
  9. Com
  10. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  11. Grills (both the cooking appliance and the ones for teeth)
  12. The feeling of being Khloe Kardashain
  13. The accents in Creme Brûlée
  14. That video of a monkey masturbating with the frog.
  15. Rocket ships
  16. Compound words
  17. The War of Northern Aggression
  18. Ladies is Pimps Too
  19. Taking your bra off after a long day
  20. Tom Hanks movies
  21. Quiet resentments
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