Estee Lauder by @Home_Halfway


As you may have heard, Estee Lauder made the ignorant choice of offering a lucrative deal to Kendall Jenner as their spokesperson.  If I was a bigtime executive there, I’d have gone with her father. A commercial for Estee Lauder featuring Bruce Jenner would go a little something like this:

“Hi every people, I’m Bruce Jenner for Ester Lady. I’m old and then things don’t look good. When to feel pretty, I put some Esteem Longly on my face for much pretty and relax. Age can’t be accurate then and young look returns.

And now hair is very unshort. I apply item amount of Entree Louder in head hair and then shine and vavoom and happy! Kris says “Bruce those in your hair is tomato sauce and wood glue” but she jealous and Bruce (that’s me) know it. My looks so much gooder.

Buy a Estimate Longly today. Price nice and all the people will then like you much. Ok sucking on rabbit foot now bye!”

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