How do you combat the Mondays? by @constantlyjosh

This article doesn’t claim to have any answers. How does one come triumphant of the weekly reminder that you have hours and hours of work ahead of you before coming close to the freedom of a few days to ones self?  And why does my nephew always make me the terrible power ranger whenever we play?

Does the beginning of the week get you down?  Does it harm your personal psyche to know that there’s almost no chance at having a good day with the mountain of work ahead of you?  And it’s not like there has to be a terrible power ranger,  isn’t my nephew’s imagination endless?  Can he not imagine a world with two great power rangers?

Have you tried giving yourself small rewards throughout the day to incentivize retaining your brains?  Will there ever be a week that you actually enjoy going back to the daily grind?  And if playing power rangers is so much fun for my nephew why does he always scream and shout about the rules?  How do you stop the crushing dread of another work week when all you have to look forward to feels like an eternity away and all your co-workers emanate the same existential agony?  But the true question still remains,  How come whenever we play power rangers the terrible power ranger,  (me) has to save the dude from imminent danger but my nephew gets to save the pretty lady every time?

All in all,  isn’t it nearly impossible to enjoy another day on this fine green earth when you know,  just waiting at home is your nephew,  just hoping to have another weekend of imagination and fun with you?  Is there a simple solution to finding bliss despite the beginning of another work week?  I wonder.

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