Pants by @hammerfist3


Who doesn’t love a good pair of pants.

Pants are so nice & so good.

I love to wear the pants.

I love when you wear the pants.

If I could eat pants I would eat the pants.

If I could fuck pants I would fuck the pants.

Pants are so good & so nice.

I think pants are my friend.

Pants are your friend too.

Sometimes I don’t wear the pants.

When I don’t wear the pants I put the pants on a chair so they can sit & watch me.

The pants like to watch me.

I like to look at the pants.

The pants watch me when I am not wearing pants.

I like to look right back at the pants.

The pants watch me when I am asleep.

Oh pants.

I love you, pants.

I don’t always like to wear you but either way I still love you, pants.

Pants you light my world up.

Pants you can make me feel good.

I like when you are warm, pants.

I even like when you are cold, pants.

I would do dirty nasty things to you, pants.

I would do whatever you wanted me to, pants.

Pants I think maybe you & I have something special.

I would share your love with the world, pants.

I know the world loves you, pants.

I know you, the pants, loves the world.

I know you, the pants, have feelings for me.

I would suck your button, pants.

I want to slowly stick my hands in your pockets, pants.

Do you think you would like that, pants?

I would like that, pants.

I would love that, pants.

Pants, you & me are meant to be.

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