The Recipe For A Perfect Evening by @hammerfist3

Do you want to have a perfect evening? Of course you do, so does everybody else in the world. For the limited price of FREE, I Karl (son of famous chef Boyardee) will lay down the recipe for the perfect evening. So get your apron on & start cookin’!

What you’ll need:

2 cups of sugar

11 sticks of butter (do not use margarine. If you use margarine you can go to hell, pal)

Dash of vanilla

30 beers


Some sort of drugs (get creative here)

A pinch of salt

1 live vulture

3 pounds of grade A camel meat. (if you can’t find camel meat use bear meat or opossum)

A smattering of Friendship

3 tablespoons of good attitude

Endless smiles.

Smooth Tunes

Now let’s get started !

• Preheat genitals to “warmer than usual”

• Completely cover the inside of your house & your body in butter.

• Eat all the sugar , in the raw.

• Put the drugs in the meat  (make sure they don’t see you put the drugs in there. (( this is important )) )

• Splash the vanilla on the meat & set it aside.

• Drink all the alcohol, pour some on the ground get reckless.

• Let the vulture out of the cage & feed it the endless smiles , this will make the tiger your friend & ally.

• Take the meat & give it to your friends , DO NOT COOK THE MEAT.

• Sprinkle the punch of salt in somebody’s eyes that would be pretty hilarious

•Turn on the Smooth Tunes & wait approximately 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes your perfect evening will finally be fully cooked to perfection, enjoy & play it safe .

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