The Route by @MonoOcular1


Twitter Inspired Fiction – 140 Words


Stepping over branches and broken picture frames, the air is still with the few remaining clouds painted orange by the morning sun. Without the leaves on the trees intercepting the light, it feels later than it is. He’s never late. Feeling anxious, his pace subconsciously quickens.


Walking around an overturned, floral print couch on the sidewalk, he places the expertly folded newspaper where the step once was. Next door, Mrs. Pepitone cries in her sleeveless nightgown over the motionless body of the black and white terrier that once bit his calf.


“Mornin’, Mrs. P.” He drops the paper at her side.


Crossing the street, the boy impatiently waits as a fire truck slowly navigates the obstacle course that yesterday was Chestnut Drive. He checks his watch. Mr. Vernberg will be furious if he has to eat breakfast without his daily.



@MonoOcular1 is Steve Howe, a writer living in New Mexico.

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