A Christmas Surprise by @MonoOcular1


Twitter Inspired Fiction – 140 Words


Bolt upright I sit in bed. I run to the window. Outside I see the snow sparkling from the rising sun. Christmas! Down stairs to the kitchen I go, hearing the sound of clanging pans and the smell of Mom’s coffee. She’ll torture me with breakfast before I can open presents. I turn the corner to see her robe, red and fuzzy, and legs…also fuzzy. I look up to see a beard, messy hair and a wide grin.


This isn’t Santa Claus. He says his name is David. He’s cooking me breakfast. He says Mom is at the gas station getting cigarettes. I didn’t know she smoked. I didn’t know David. I back out of the kitchen and walk to the living room to sit alone next to the tree.


Mom and I have different things on our Christmas list.

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