so What is “weird Twitter” by @gufaww


First off, Weird Twitter (wait is everyone happy with that term “weird Twitter”? yes? No? Doesn’t really matter, but i think there’s a lot more than just weird going on over there. weird is good, i’m cool with weird, but seriously the hilarity i find there is WAY more than just simple weirdness, so maybe it deserves a more accurate title? but yea i’m not gonna think of one because honestly that much brain activity would probably show up on the monitors and then the doctors will know i’m faking this coma and i’m sorry but i’m just not ready to stop letting people feed and bathe me. have u seen the new spongenurse?? strong hands, let me tell ya.) is really just the funny side of Twitter with the word “weird” in front of the word “Twitter”. It’s not “rocket science” Twitter, that’s a whole other Twitter.

Thirdly, WT® is full of talented people pushing the boundaries of a new-ish medium for comedic delivery. If you like to laugh, then that’s the best reason to be on WT. There are jokes written on WT that have to make even the best, professional comedians jealous. Sadly, WT tweeters don’t get paid. I haven’t done any research, nor will i (see “coma” above), but i assume they do it for free. Keep that in mind the next time your laughing you’re way down ur WTimeline® while lying in bed, standing in line, on the doodie catcher, or wherever else we are legally obligated to carry a phone– WT is like being in a comedy club whenever you want, without having to actually go to a comedy club. (but also maybe go out and help support the live comedians, too, haha. not kevin hart though, he’s rich af! also he’s too short. i mean his sets are too short, not worth the.. u know what? [smokebomb]

Finally, we landed a comet on a probe. well, no, Europe did that. but that’s neither funny or wierd, so i’ll just delete that tweet before i send this. or, maybe save it as a draft? haha, probe 😉

Also, you’ll find FavStar bots all over WT. Retweet these often, as a FavStar bot is really a beta algorithm for the Terminator AI, a promising new technology which promises to save humanity from celebrities. (source: @SkynetNewsNow)

Second off, if confusing context, odd characters, repeating joke formats, drunken writing, typos   abbreviations etc et al fml? and repeating joke formats are your forte, then WT is right for you, as these are all common practices on WT. so be advised: smoke/snort/drink/inject accordingly. *pats weird little twitter bird’s mohawk* “Good job, buddy, keep that shit up!”

To begin with, like everyone else that deleted their Facebook account, i ached to find a new social media site. One where i could meet interesting people, express myself a bit, and, also like everyone else, continue my quest to find and marry Karen. Karen, honey, if you’re reading this please come back. I’ve changed *points to avi* So i joined Twitter (last year, actually) and, like a rad normal person does, i followed stuff like news, some music people, Anonymous, seven different @Gods, etc. Then, for some strange reason (strange because i didn’t know about WT yet), a weird little marshmallow in a green hoodie smoking the weed showed up on my TL, tweeting something something “bong”, or whatever, and holy moly! it was stupid funny. so i think, “huh, that’s stupid funny, i’m gunna click that stoned-looking marshmallow right in his/her toasted face and see what’s what”, whereupon i read more of his/her stupid funnies, & then the stupid funny RT’s of other people with stupid funny avi’s (ie, a shark/bear/bearshark on a surfboard, a sad tree, a cow with a halo, etc.) and violin! just like that, i was hooked on WT. (and also the weed again, thanks @noog) (by the way, i vote no we don’t call it “stupid funny Twitter” either.)

More pacifically, Weird Twitter® is cool and does not discriminate based on sex, sexual orientation, sexual positions, race, nationality, tit size, dick size (?), Canada™, or religious affiliationshahaha oh man does it discriminate against religions haha amiright atheists? hahaha, erm, *clears throat* no, but everybody’s welcome on WT.

So there you have it. In conclusion, and therefore, to wit and other words for summation: Weird Twitter is [REDACTED]. The end.

(dam, thats a lot of words. can’t believe i haven’t hit the 140 character limi

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