The 25 Best Tweets of the Year by @sageboggs


2014 was an awful year for things, but an awesome year for tweets. Here are 25 of this year’s best, in no particular order.

One of the best tweets of the year. Subtly hilarious, hilariously subtle. Could you ask for more?

Another gem. This one is newer but similarly hilarious. If you don’t get it, it’s a parody of the popular song “Mad World.” Super funny. Go ahead and give it an RT.

This tweet was written on the second day of 2014. No one was able to top it all year. I’m awesome.

I have one word to describe this tweet: classic.

Talk about a hot take. Not only can this guy write a funny tweet, he can write a funny TOPICAL tweet. 10/10.

I couldn’t help but include this puppy again. It makes me laugh every time. Too good.

Nate paid me 200 dollars to put him on the list. The tweet’s good, I guess. Whatever. He runs Daily Dangle, so I’ll give it to him.

Everyone has an “Is Pepsi ok?” tweet but hooooo doggie. Another fresh take from the Sage man. What can’t he do?

I never get sick of this guy. Not only is he talented; he’s humble.

Oh no he didn’t! Haha, so awesome, dude.

I thought this tweet was going to be one thing but then it ended up being something else. God, I love a good twist. Sage is the man.

It just keeps going. Great tweet after great tweet. Is this guy a legend? I think this guy might be a legend.

What an observation! Bravo!

This one brought me to my knees. Never before has a tweet made me feel so melancholy. It’s everything. It reduces the human condition into one pure, biting sentence. This man deserves a Pulitzer. A Nobel Peace Prize. An RT.

Damn, now he’s making strong political points without alienating his audience? Impressive and dare I say, meritorious.

Again, perfection.

And you’re telling me he tweets AT people and still makes it funny? WHAT CAN’T HE DO? TELL ME. WHAT?

Nate said I have to include someone else on the list so I searched the word “Gogurt” and found this. I don’t follow this person. Whatever

Great question, my man. Relatable and more importantly: retweetable. Brilliant.

Seriously, this tweet. This tweet. Unstoppable.


If this guy ever stopped tweeting, what would Twitter even do? Collapse on itself? I shiver at the thought. I tremble.

You know what’s “Golden”? This tweet.

I am in stitches. STITCHES, PEOPLE.

Closing it out with this year’s – and every year’s – best tweet. Shout out to everyone who made the list.

Here’s to next year!


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