Yuletide Memories – A Poem of Christmas Cheer by @MonoOcular1



Stockings were hung but the tree was still bare

Dad told us to wait, that he’d soon be there

We waited past sunset, we waited past nine

We waited as the moon traveled aloft, but no sign


At midnight we awoke to carols sung loudly

To the living room we went, there was Dad standing proudly

He wavered, he stumbled, he spilled half his scotch

He threw tinsel at the tree, the children we watched


Stepping on light bulbs, tripping on cords

Mother approached him with hopes of peace restored

He screamed, “It’s Christmas and this is my house!”

Each holiday the same, that dirty old souse


As if in the Nutcracker, a pirouette he did enter

His unlucky aim was directly on center

Down went O Tannenbaum, away went our glee

He looked up and mumbled, “Dumb fucking tree.”

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