7 Inappropriate Images In Disney Shows That Can’t Be Unseen by @dubstep4dads


  1. That’s So Raven – S3 E4: About two minutes into the show, Raven will be in her school classroom, learning important things about school. Look at the chalkboard when she sits down. There is a huge penis on the chalkboard. LOL!


  1. Even Stevens – S1 E7: In this episode, the main character Steven, and his older brother, “Big Stevie,” lose control of their ’89 Camaro and drive off a bridge into a lake. As they are flying through the air, look in the sky. There is a cloud that’s shaped like a huge penis!


  1. Suite Life On Deck – S4 E4: About 12 minutes in, when Zach gets launched out of a cannon, he lands in the water and he slowly drowns. Zach never learned how to swim. Look in the water as he is slowly sinking. It looks as if there’s a big squid in the water. It’s actually a huge penis!


  1. Hannah Montana – S9 E6: In this episode, Hannah goes back to her home state, Montana. While she’s in Montana, she gets in a fight with a wolf. After a long battle, the wolf ate her legs off and she died. When her half eaten body is being flown back to Los Angeles, take a look at the airplane. It kind of looks like a penis if you think about it!


  1. Cory in The House – S5 E5: In this episode, Cory loses his house. Cory is now homeless. The show could not continue after this because Cory was no longer in the house. Cory moves in with the cast of Friends and eats a cheeseburger off Monica’s ass. Anyways, about three minutes in, Cory is homeless and lying down in an alley. Look closely at the hobo next to him. You can clearly see his penis!


  1. Phil of the Future – S10 E5: Phil finally realizes that he is not actually from the future in this episode, and his friends have been playing a prank on him for years. He feels like a big fuckin’ idiot now. “I’m not actually from the future? WHAT?! I thought I was from the future,” is what he said. Phil gets sad and fills a pool up with carrots. The carrots sort of look like little penises.


  1. Good Luck Charlie – S1 E5: In this episode, the main character who is a baby, learns how to backflip. Charlie backflips off of the roof into a pool of carrots. Tom Brady finds Charlie and throws him through a field-goal post. There are no hidden images in this episode.
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