Bread by @hammerfist3


Bread is a good food, very stackable. Lots of people give great praise to sliced bread but I think it’s holding back our animalistic nature as humans. Sliced bread is good & all, but sometimes it makes life too perfect & simple. If there was a boy made out of bread I bet he would be the most popular boy in school I bet everyone would always want to eat him. Bread is good for spreading things on. Have you ever tried spreading something on your bread? Of course you have, who wouldn’t. You can spread a variety of things on bread, anything you want. You could even put an avocado spread on your bread if you wanted. Sometimes if I eat too much bread I feel like committing a murder. A crazy thing about bread is that you can cook it in a variety of ways, were you aware of this fact? There are devices called “toasters” which allows one to take already cooked bread slices & cook them again. It is truly amazing. Once you cook a bread twice it becomes something called “twice cooked bread” otherwise known as “toast.” For some people toast is not enough. These people love to cook their bread a third step, they like to boil their toast. Imagine being boiled alive. “Bread is really great thing” said a man today on the street. “You sure are right about that” I said back. I think I have eaten too much bread. I think I am a bread now. The bread is our friend please eat it now.

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