Compliments for Men by @1followernodad


21 Compliments For the Man (You’re Pretending Is) In Your Life:

Men love compliments, too! Here are some good ones to throw your man’s way. Maybe he will end up complimenting you back. That’s what relationships are about.

  • You look supple tonight.
  • I think you could win in a fight against a mid-sized cow.
  • You have that I’ve-never-given-up-on-a-parallel-parking-spot look.
  • Did you raise baby chicks when you were younger? Because you look responsible and nurturing.
  • It would not be unreasonable for someone to name a minor galaxy, not visible to the naked eye after you.
  • When you corrected your stepmother on tortuous vs. torturous I genuinely got wet.
  • Speaking of step-parents, you were right about how to pack the truck for the Branson trip. Keith was in the wrong. And I’m proud of you that you let it go. You’re the bigger man.
  • When I question my love for you I remember how good you would probably be at falconry, and redouble my adoration.
  • You’re cooler than Harrison Ford now. Not 80s Harrison, but 2015 Harrison. You’re cooler than him. To me.
  • If I were asked who I would want on a desert island with me, I would honestly pick Dame Judi Dench but you definitely crossed my mind.
  • Your hair was the thing that made me look up what “on fleek” is so that I could say that to you.
  • You’re taller than your brother.
  • I think you know more about [insert his favorite band here] than most people. You just get them more.
  • You look like you know your way around a Chipotle.
  • If you were to become famous, the controversy section of your Wikipedia page would likely be scintillating.
  • Your taste in charcuteries is unmatched.
  • I trust you around fires and hot surfaces in general.
  • You seem like the kind of guy who is going to get weirdly protective of his bird feeders when he’s older and use guns to scare off–but not kill– the squirrels it attracts. And I find that v hot.
  • I like how your sweater brings out the fact that your ex-girlfriend was controlling of your fashion sense.
  • I have no complaints about how anal you are re: your itunes album art.
  • I bet you have some things in common with your father, but mostly just the good stuff. I’m sure you will make him proud in your own individual successes. I hope that society will not hold him up as a measuring stick for you.
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