Local Man Wins Lottery Scratch Off and Can’t Be Bothered to Cash Ticket by @internetluke


Farmington, MN – This year the holiday season for Ed Klein, 48, was standard—family trips, packing the kids in the car, loading the luggage and hitting the road. However, this year, Ed decided to press his luck at a “pit-stop of sorts”, as Ed described, in an out-of-state gas station. He remembers picking out a Snickers candy bar, and then seeing the $20 scratch-off and deciding to press his luck. He let his youngest son, Sean, 8, scratch it off while he was driving, as he did not want to be late for the family dinner.

“I remember him saying we won, but he is only 8 years old and thinks the Easter Bunny is in cahoots with Santa Claus and the Great Pumpkin—most of what he says goes in one ear and right out the other,” Ed told the reporter. It wasn’t until later that evening after returning home that Ed had remembered the ticket. “Sure as [expletive], that little rascal was right: I guess I won my $20 back.” It was too late, though; Ed was back in his home state. “I mean, we could always make a trip back out there, but that would probably mean more time with the in-laws. It probably isn’t even worth the gas money, and for sure not worth time in that hospital!” he cracked out laughing. “I probably shouldn’t say that; her dad is pretty sick. It’s just a real bummer for the kids and me. You’re not going to write that, are you?”

Sources close to Ed said “…[he] seemed pretty anxious to get going, which really isn’t out of character for him, though. We were kind of surprised to see him show up at all after last year’s exploding cupcake fiasco.”

Another source added, “Yeah, he must have gotten tied up trying different seats in the lobby—trying to nonchalantly find the best location in the room that allowed him to read the closed captioning on the Seinfeld episode that was on—that he didn’t even mention to us that he could potentially be sitting on a goldmine in his car. I probably could forgive a millionaire for corrupting my sister.”

As we were closing the interview, Ed jokingly asked if we wanted to take the ticket, as he “certainly won’t be redeeming it anytime soon.”

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