Recently Released Inmate Leaves 1/5 Star Review on Yelp by @internetluke




Hastings, MN – Recently released inmate, Jonathon “J-Money” Daniels, 32, recently left a poor review of the Hastings County Jail at which he served 5 years. The St. Paul native’s Yelp! review included scathing remarks on jail conditions, ranging from the low quality of lighting in his cellblock to the sizing of his jumpsuit. Correctional officer Keith Moran said, “I knew he was up to something. He mentioned every day for the last year he was going to ‘get back at us’ and ‘make things right’, and quite frankly, we were very concerned about what his next move would be.” He went on to say, “[John] had been bulking up in the yard and we were worried about him lashing out.” Warden Alan Leach had commented by saying, “a physical attack we could have dealt with . . . this however is on the Internet for good – we have no recourse.” 4 people have found the review to be useful.


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“My anger can finally be let loose on these people. After spending 5 (FIVE) years in this hellhole, I can only describe it as the worst of the worst ever. If I could leave a 0 star review, I would with not feelin’ even a bit bad. Let’s begin.. it’s a level past over-crowded, the poor lights in cellblock C messes with almost all prisoner activities, and my jumpsuit was 2 sizes too big! Shout out to Moses in cellblock D (AKA Lil’ Mo) for helping me attempt an escape. We took spoons from the cafeteria and scraped at our walls, but they were cement and it didn’t work. If every county jail is as jail-y as this one, I think its safe to say that the jail life may not be for me.”


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