Space by @hammerfist3

Let’s all go to space I bet it’s not even that cold we could bring sweaters. I bet with the right amount of ideas you & I could be there in just a few years. There probably aren’t too many good restaurants in space but we could just bring sandwich materials. I bet there are some pretty nice beaches in space probably lots of beach stuff with beach sand & beach water. I bet you don’t even have to pay to see the good sights in space. I bet they are all free for the eyes. Let’s all go to space wouldn’t it be nice to float around for a while. In space we could float around I bet there isn’t too much paperwork involved why would we worry about anything in space besides floating the right way. I am thinking we should probably go to space we don’t need hotels we can bring a tent to sleep in it doesn’t matter in space there aren’t any rules, only one rule & that is that “space rules”. Space songs pretty good to me, I don’t think we could fuck the space but we could definitely fuck in space, I’m sure of it you can pretty much fuck anywhere these days even the library. I bet there are libraries in space but not regular ones these ones are probably space libraries I bet they have lots of space books in them. I bet there is so much to do in space & I bet it would take a long time to do it all but we could try our best to go to space & figure it all out, It’s not like there is anything better to do.

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