Steve’s Great Idea by @jpaulmassengale

He had the perfect idea.

It was one of those ideas that comes once in a lifetime. In fact it is was one of those ideas that comes when one isn’t trying to think of ideas.

For Steve it came when he was taking a bubble bath with his black lab. The lab was still a pup, for Steve had only rescued it from a pound three months ago and loved it quite much. The lab held a special place in Steve’s heart and he.. You know what I’m getting way off track.

Anyway, here is the idea Steve had while taking a bubble bath with his black lab: dir- 
Wait, first you need a bit of background information about Steve. He works for the advertising department of a major American brewing company that has asked to remain nameless (they have a refreshing party train that shows in crowded cities). As it was, Steve had been on a “probation” of sorts because he could never come up with ideas, and the ones he did come up with were, well, absolutely horrendous.

So Steve sat in that bubble bath and came up with what he thought might be the single greatest advertising idea since “Just Do It”. He jumped out of the bath and ran, still naked and covered in wet soap bubbles, to his office to scribble down the idea before he could forget it.

After he had his idea on paper he dried off , got dressed, and spent the rest of the night devising an entire campaign off this idea. He had posters and on air commercial scripts and product placement ideas and even an idea of who could sing the jingle he had written.

The next morning Steve gathered all of his work and took it into the office. He impatiently waited until 2pm, “Pitch Period”. When the head of the department, Rutherford, asked who had new ideas Steve jumped out of his seat and ran to the front of the room. Rutherford took a large sip from his coffee cup which everyone knew was filled with whiskey but no one ever called him out on it because they knew he was going through a rough divorce and also he was their boss. Ruthy (as his childhood friends called him, something he cherished to this day because it reminded him of a simpler time.. a happier time..) told Steve to go ahead and to remember what happened last time he thought he had a good idea. Steve cleared his throat, stood tall, and proudly proclaimed “I have what I think might be the single greatest advertising idea since ‘Just Do It’” agitated mutterings came from the room, they had heard this before, but Steve forged on. “This idea came to me while I was taking a bubble bath with my black lab last night whom I rescued from a pound a few months ago and holds quite a special place in my heart” there was laughter from almost everyone. Ruthy downed his drink, but he couldn’t drown out his pain.

None of this stopped Steve. “I have posters and on air commercial scripts and product placement ideas and even an idea of who could sing the jingle that I have taken the liberty to write.” And then came the great idea. The idea to top all other ideas before it. Yes, even the party train. Even Just Do It. Even that Kmart commercial Bob Hope was in.

“Directly advertise alcohol for minors!!” Steve was promptly fired. There were no posters or on air commercials or product placements and that jingle never was sung by Annie Clark. None of this bothered Steve too much. Even after getting fired he still thought it was a good idea. “I mean that’s a group who drinks alcohol anyway, why not convince them on screen to drink ours” he tried to argue as security escorted him forcefully from the building. In the end Steve used his savings to open a doggy daycare that appealed to more high-end dog owners. He is actually doing quite well. In fact most people who know him say it’s the best idea he has ever had.

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