10 Flaws in The 10 Flaws in Harry Potter Listicle by @shutupmikeginn

Recently I came across a list of 10 Flaws in Harry Potter. Below are actual screenshots from the article. Beneath those are my friendly rebuttals.


Fuck you is why. Clearly they don’t. Tons of wizards have glasses. The potential smug look on your face while you wrote this makes me want to die.

It’s for the same reason that the entirety of The Grapes of Wrath takes place in the midwest you loathsome turd. I bet you lost your virginity on a boat.

It is explicitly stated that they were homeschooled, much like the author of this listicle probably was.


Are you trying to piss me off? There are literally hundreds mentioned in the book with many thousands more implied by the size and quantity of spellbooks in the library (that’s the thing you probably shower in). Next: Harry Potter, much like Batman, does not kill people. This may ring some sort of bell with you when in both the movie and the book series: Harry never kills anybody.


Oh now you’re a wizarding plumber? You even answered your own question about how it gets around, and try to lean on the size of the pipes? This is awful you should feel ashamed. I am advocating that you go blind.


This is called The Grandfather Paradox. Would it be worth it to rewrite 50 years of history to eliminate Voldemort? Would someone have taken his place? Would Harry even be born? Would he bang his best friend’s mother? These are all staggeringly difficult questions, and if there’s one person not suited to answer them: it’s you.

He very nearly did, but there are wizarding laws allowing the use of magic in front of muggles if it was for a good reason, or by accident. I can’t help but notice the way you say, “of course not Harry Potter” like you’re indignant. Well, here’s the thing, the author didn’t want Harry Potter to go to jail, because then the Harry Potter series would take place in wizard jail.

JK Rowling answered this herself by saying he’d never watched anyone die before book 5. She also added, “i started writing these books on the train, if i had known people were going to make lists about them, I would have just napped”

Ok: fair point. But look at this dudes grammar. In one sentence he goes from the past to the present tense that’s never easy can they?


This one is so vague that I’m going to just say this: Stop it. Don’t make any more of these. You should not be using letters and symbols to put thoughts into other people’s heads. You abuse it.

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