A Murder of Miniature Proportions by @Ian_H5


“My God.” Officer Maroni breathed, looking with pure terror at the scene that had just unfolded. His partner, coming up behind him, looked on with uncharacteristic silence.

Gingerly, Maroni raised a foreleg to the body. Still warm.

Officer Roland swore under his breath. “How does this keep happening?”

There had been terror in the colony ever since the first death. The body lying lifeless and still, heat radiating from the remains…Maroni shuddered just thinking about it. Somebody had to find this guy and show him the long foreleg of the law.

There were many theories about what had happened, and none of them conclusive. The labor unions claimed they died of being overworked in the hot sun. Some claimed God Himself had smote the deceased. Others recounted, in hushed voices of pure terror, of giants, mere legs the size of mountains, with weapons that shoot out heat sufficient to kill over a dozen citizens at once.

Roland soon recognized the victim. “Hey, isn’t he that one guy who left last week?”

Mark Wallace had gotten into a dispute with the Queen a week ago. He thought he and the other ants were overworked, and when the Queen wouldn’t cut back their hours, he left the colony, vowing to never return. And now, he was in the big anthill in the sky.

“Someone wanted to send a message.” Maroni theorized. “No one leaves the colony.”

It was now two days since Wallace’s death, and no one had come forward as a witness. Maroni was getting worried. He had found no leads, and it was only a matter of time before this guy struck again. He didn’t want to do this, but he had no other options. He had to find out what the Queen knew.

Then, a giant foot came down and wiped out the whole colony. Everyone died.

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