Love Is by @Cpin42

A sneaky virus

A blind trick-or-treater

Free cheese in a mouse trap

A Zen master slipping on a banana peel

A lightning-struck farmer in a field of sweet corn

Hitler meeting Audrey Hepburn

A heart full of trumpets

Carrying her smile like candy in your pocket

An infant pointing to a toy

Houdini getting stuck on the toilet

A flower bending towards the light

A bird smacking into a window

Marilyn Monroe selling maps of the Bermuda Triangle

The frog in slowly boiled water

Godzilla stomping through Tokyo

A tiny cave torch

Human catnip

A fickle, fleeting magic

The Elephant Man dancing in the rain

The second shooter on the grassy knoll

Capra directed by Hitchcock

A bloodstream of ballerinas

A fisherman’s hook

A Frankenstein valentine

Helen Keller on Christmas morning

A strange rearrangement of molecules

A flourish of birds

Sisyphus smiling

A giggling elf with a switchblade in his pocket

A necessary but insufficient condition

Evel Knievel on Crystal Meth

A puppy with a pile of bones

Candy-coated dental floss

A runaway train

A shipwreck of treasure, guarded by sharks

An ant carrying a cube of sugar on its back

Dick Cheney singing in the shower

A bonfire of metaphors

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