7 things you should get out of the habit of doing when you’re 25 by @_diaperwearer


We all tend to get set in our ways, it’s human nature. Being 25 is the age when we start to realize things about the about the world and move on from our wild past. If you’re 25 and these apply to you, get out of the habit.

1) Getting sloppy drunk:


You’re 25 now, if you’re still doing jager bombs once you enter the bar, stop.

2) Wearing 13 pairs of jeans:


Ok, maybe it was acceptable to wear 13 pairs of jeans when you were 21, but at 25 it looks like you’re holding on to a dying dream. Bring it back a little bit and try wearing 9 pairs.

3) Driving Power Wheels for the purpose of picking up women:


Yes, they are sweet cars. Yet if you are dependent on them for seducing women, they will eventually see through your facade.

4) Spending $100 on assorted wires on a whim:


No one wants to be “that guy with the wires even though he’s 25.” Now that you’re older you should be investing your money into small clothing shops that make jerseys for retired women’s bowling leagues.

5) Coming up with plans to have the state of Virginia powered by Venezuelans in hamster wheels:


Fevered dreams of a 20 year old. The older you get the more you realize that Venezuelans aren’t the best power source out there.

6) Still keeping your grandfather cryogenically frozen in your basement:


Part of life is realising you can’t be reckless anymore. Give it up. Call grandma.

7) Having 37 copies of The Patriot on vhs:


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