A story by @hammerfist3


It all started back in the day before the day began. All of the marbles were in play & all of the marbles were worth one thousand sunsets. Three rose petals sat in the sand & turned into bad tasting potato chips . A mother goose crooned over her baby goose as all seemed right in the world until the unspeakable happened. A small wind shot up some sand . It was horrible everybody screamed & bled from their eyes. A pair of purple panties . “My spice rack is excellent” said a portly gentleman. “Shit in my mouth” said Penzy  (from Penzy spices) . Nobody was getting along at the picnic I planned I was furious . I ordered a dozen clowns & only 11 clowns show up that is madness that’s true. This one guy I knew once holy fuck he could piss straight into the air as tall as he could stand on a pair of stilts or 3. THATS A LOT OF CASH IN THAT SOCK I heard someone yell as I saw a man pull 8 dollars out of a sock. It was the nicest sock a person could ever lay eyes on. “I must have it” I whispered to myself but everyone heard. That damn sock is what I want . This is when the phone calls started pouring in. Phone call after phone call after telegram they hounded me for years I tell you but I never cracked & neither did my aunt Luwanda. Fuck the police is all I have to say they never did a damn thing for this township. All the lawyers in the world combined would be a pretty big lawyer. I would not kiss him. So the picnic ended. Everybody scurried home as I sat there alone crying into my scrambled eggs.

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