and high by @jpaulmassengale

caring so much about one person that you don’t commit don’t commit to them because you can’t afford to lose them-

there with her, there with them all in that place. I remember dreaming things there, or maybe I just dreamt of dreaming things, I can’t remember anymore

everyone was young and beautiful and high

only the waves and the future before us. we could have had it all. but none of us wanted any of it. we just wanted to sit in the ocean a little longer.

“this can’t last,” he remarked as we sat on the porch watching the sky, waiting for a meteor shower that never came.

but it wasn’t supposed to last.

things last for a certain time

people, relationships, last for a certain time

and they are only supposed to.

we enjoy them in those moments

but then we must let them go as those moments fade.


life is the accumulation of those moments.

-but then seeing a guy passed out in the dorm shower and not caring enough to even check if he’s alive.

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