10 Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Missed by @sageboggs


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I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering an easter egg in one of my favorite films.

With that said, here are 10 easter eggs you may have missed.

1. Titanic


Do you see it? Most people are too busy paying attention to Rose and Jack to realize there is an easter egg sitting atop the light post in the background. When asked about the egg, director James Cameron said, “Who are you? What is this for?”

2. The Godfather


Most people blindly assume the object on Brando’s jacket is a flower, but if you look very closely, it is actually an easter egg. Leave it up to Francis Ford Coppola to do something so sneaky and symbolic.

3. The Matrix


We all remember the iconic red pill-blue pill scene from The Matrix. What we may not remember is that the pills were actually easter eggs. This is real.

4. Fight Club


Fight Club is known for its twist ending and its unreliable narrator. People are too caught up in the mystery surrounding Tyler Durden to realize that one guy’s head was literally an easter egg the whole time. Don’t question this.

5. The Sixth Sense


Haley Joel Osment can see dead people but can you see the easter egg in this iconic scene from The Sixth Sense? Osment’s gripping performance distracted most people long enough to miss it entirely. When asked about the easter egg, M. Night Shyamalan said, “Get away from me.”

6. Forrest Gump


One of the ice creams in this picture is an easter egg. The joke is that these are actual easter eggs. Get over yourself.

7. The Lion King


Disney is known for inserting easter eggs into their films. In this still from The Lion King, you can see that they have included several easter eggs at once. I did not Photoshop this. Shut your mouth.

8. The Wizard of Oz


Can you spot the easter egg in this still from The Wizard of Oz? I have a hard time seeing it, but several sources tell me there is one.

9. North by Northwest


Planes move very quickly, and the creators of North by Northwest used that to their advantage when they snuck in this easter egg. If you look closely, something peculiar is on the front of the plane. Can you see it?

10. Animal House


The “O” in “COLLEGE” is an easter egg. Fuck you.

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