What my room says about my work ethic by @constantlyjosh


The first thing that you’d notice dominating my room space when you first walked into my room is the musical equipment that takes up the majority of my meagre living arrangement.  Next you would likely  notice the plethora of canvases poorly painted by yours truly, they line the walls and exhibit my mediocrity at the activity.  and then my large bed and desk,  which combined is where I spend the majority of my time.  Next you would likely notice the speakers that surround my room,  and supply amazing audio quality for listening to music.

I’ve spent a majority of my paycheques on music,  and its obvious from the array of pedals in a line on my floor,  they all have unique sounds and they sound great.   The amps dominate the corner of the room where they sit,  stacked on top of each other.  and the guitar stands triumphantly waiting to be strum,  which it does quite often everyday.

The laminate flooring is always covered in sweaters, coats,  pants and shirts,  to the point where sometimes I forget the floor is even wooden.  My laziness is displayed in this.  I like it better when the clothes are strewn about.  when the place is in disarray,  chaos.  it helps me work.  When things are immaculate i can’t get anything done.  i feel like I’m not supposed to touch anything or do anything when its all nice and neat.

My desk is always a mess too.  Rags and cups and receipts,  old cigarette boxes and random things i’ve collected over the years of being a hermit.  and lots of hair.  Everywhere lots of detached hair.

I’m a very disorganized person.  i currently have 6 writing projects all on the go and I’m making almost no headway in the homework  for my classes.  which i suppose is even worse than just an organizational problem, maybe its time organization i struggle with

Lastly is my wall of twitter avatars.  its one of my favourite things about my room,  as it showcases some of my best online friends so that i can be reminded of them everyday.  

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