Dragon Ball Z Episode 67 – A Legend Revealed by @HammerFist3


In this episode Goku reveals how much he has improved since his fight with Vegeta on earth, while fighting the universally feared, but rather silly, Ginyu Force. With injured Gohan, Krillin and a newly formed ally Vegeta looking on, Goku faces down the Ginyu force with confidence only intense training in 100 times normal gravity can instill. 

The episode opens on Goku immediately after he has taken down the massively intimidating Recoome with one swift blow. Now it’s Jeice and Burter’s turn. As they open the attack by flying right at the brave saiyan, it appears that Goku isn’t making a single movement. In reality, his training has only improved his speed so drastically that he appears to be standing still, while in reality he is dodging their attacks with ease. 

After Goku channels his power into some sort of invisible blast, we join the lovable universal dictator Frieza. It appears that Frieza is upset in his search for the Dragon Balls. It is not immediately clear as to why.

Now we see Captain Ginyu with a comical little scene in which several ginyu force recruits pose in charming, if not a little goofy stances, as is one of the quirks of joining the Ginyu force.  Judging by some of the antics, the search for a new member won’t be as easy as Captain Ginyu might have thought.

Okay, now back to Goku. The real meat of the episode. Why we tuned in. The Ginyu boys are giving Goku everything they’ve got, but he’s dodging it with ease. While they certainly don’t understand his true power, Vegeta understands just how strong Goku has become since their last fight. He notices that Goku is sharply raising and lowering his power level whenever Jeice and Burter attack. The Ginyu boys launch a powerful attack of energy blasts that seem to envelop Goku right as we head to another commercial break. 


Looks like the Ginyu force are formulating a plan of attack, but will it work? I doubt it! Goku deflects the attack!

Great episode, can’t wait for the next one.

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