4-Star Amazon Reviews for Books I Just Made Up by @mscarlosdanger



Where I Hid My Secret Other $45 Billion Fortune by Bill Gates

“Wow…I’ll never look at the granite quarry fifteen paces from the North Star the same way again!”


How Can You Be Cold? It’s Like 75 Degrees Outside by Your Ex-Boyfriend

“There’s a draft!!!!!”


What To Do With All Those Notebooks You’ve Been Saving for “Something Special”

“This was very helpful, great ideas, still not going to write in the notebooks in my corner though. I am saving them for something special.”


What’s A Mortgage?



Women Should Smile More by Literal Strangers On The Street

“I agree….all women should smile more…they are so beautiful when they smile…sexy ladies just need to show us a smile…I long to see beauty in life, yet I fear it hath forsaken me…woe, woe upon my soul”


Things Are Good In The Middle East And Everything Is Ok by John Kerry

“What a relief! I am so glad that all of this is true and not made up.”


Here’s How Often You Are Supposed To Wash Your Bra



You Could Eat Soup for Breakfast If You Wanted To, Probably.

“This was entertaining but vulgar!!!! I would never let my children near this filth!!! Soup!! Is!! Not!! For!! Breakfast!!”


Eighty-Five Different Kinds of Wood and Ten Bear Facts Too

“Pretty helpful if you’re trying to learn more about wood and, to a lesser extent, bears.”


My First Novel by Me

“Wonderfully written! Can’t believe she wrote it over the course of a weekend and didn’t have to edit at all and the first publisher she submitted it to accepted it right away! -1 star because her author photo is overwhelmingly beautiful.”


Birdwatching: A Good and Fun Activity

“Excellent satire”


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