New Classes by @mscarlosdanger


Agricultural Studies 150: Intro to Crop Tops

History 202: History of That Weird Cheese That’s Been in Your Fridge For a While Now — It’s Still Good, Right, Because, Like, All Cheese is Mold?

Philosophy 358: You’re Quoting Marx Incorrectly, Asshole

Biology 127: Teeth Are Bones, Doesn’t That Fuck You Right Up

Psychology 212: Why Introversion Is Better Than Extroversion (It Has a Lot to Do With the Fact That All Extroverts are Soulless Murderers)

Computer Science 458: Don’t Worry, No One Else Knows How to Use Excel Either

Women’s Studies 460: Oh God, Are You Talking Too Much in Class? Should You Apologize? Shit, Everyone Probably Thinks You’re Such an Asshole Now, That Know-It-All Girl Who’s Trying Way too Hard. Are They Judging Your Sweater Too? You Probably Look Fat in It, Ugh.

Business 325: What the Fuck is a Security?

Political Science 190: Intro to Dad Yelling-At

American Studies 544: This Country is a Wasteland and I Imagine Death to Be My Only Escape

Journalism 380: Enough With the Goddamn Thinkpieces Already, When Will this Madness End

Nutrition 462: Bagels!!!!!!!

Astronomy 355: Aliens Are Real and They are Here to Occupy Wall Street

English 275: Good Luck with The Job Market, Youths

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