List of Changes Made to the Blu-Ray Re-Release of George Lucas’ Dating History by @LukePohjala

-New girlfriends that weren’t in the original release are digitally inserted to make himself look cooler.

-Unsatisfied with the girl he took to senior prom, Lucas replaced her with the girl he ended up dating later on in his life at film school.

-Feeling that the songs he actually made love to during college were too cliche, Lucas changed them to fit the mood more appropriately.

-Lucas’s only one-night-stand didn’t blink the whole time they were having sex, but in the re-release he has changed it so that she blinks several times.

-Thanks to advancements in CGI, his first wife is given larger breasts than she previously had.

-Saying that it looked too much like a puppet and didn’t move as much as he would have liked, Lucas has replaced his penis with a cleaner looking, digital one.

-Instead of showing how old he looked in 2013 during his second wedding, photos of Lucas have been changed to show a much younger version of himself.

-When Lucas made love for the first time it showed that he came first and his partner didn’t come at all. But in the Blu-Ray re-release it will show that his partner comes first, quickly followed by Lucas coming. This has lead to the rallying cry for fans of his original dating history, “Lucas Came First”.

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