Responses to Issues of National Concern in 3 Emojis or Less by @runolgarun

Student Debt Crisis: graduation cap emoji, money flying away emoji, weeping emoji

Police Militarization: police car emoji, white police officer emoji, “SOS” emoji

Diminishing Abortion Rights: salsa dancing woman emoji, creepy baby emoji, disheartened woman emoji

Climate Change: clock set to 11:50pm emoji, volcano erupting emoji, hand waving goodbye emoji

Institutional Failure to Prevent Sexual Assault: eggplant emoji, thumbs down emoji

Inability of Wage Increases to Keep Up with Cost of Living: poop emoji

Kim Davis: two men kissing emoji, high five emoji

California’s Drought: smiling widely with drop of sweat trickling down forehead emoji, withering yellow leaves emoji, person laying in bathtub emoji

Iran Deal: tongue sticking out emoji

The Number of 2016 Presidential Candidates Eclipsing the Number of American Idol Finalists: monkey closing eyes emoji

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