Excerpts From Lost Detective Novels by @Cpin42


The sun peeked through the clouds like a curious child.

From twenty feet away she was pretty; up close she was pretty from twenty feet away.

O’Leary was the size of a refrigerator, with the eyes of a snake and a smile like a scar.

The sun felt warm on my face. White birds circled the sky. The smell of buttered popcorn wafted through the air.

She stretched out with a smile to receive me, like a hungry flower leaning towards the light.

The Sternwood estate was no flophouse. Fancy stone archways, wrought-iron gates, and the nose-tickling scent of roses in bloom. 

Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled sadly; her eyes half-lit from the light of dead stars.

I entered the room slowly with my gun drawn, and saw a dark silhouette smoking a cigar.

Thick raindrops struck puddles like silver dimes.

Eddie Hobbs was a busted flush of a man, with a toupée so obvious it should’ve had a price tag.

A tall blonde in stiletto heels breezed by, invisible bulbs flashing.

A distant plane, tilting upward, left a scar-like trail in the sky.

Lies drift in like cheap perfume, the truth drifts in like shrapnel.

Sternwood’s wife was a busty redhead with big green eyes and strawberry milk skin. She was beautiful, but there wasn’t any future in it; like being good at Russian roulette.

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