Unlocked House Final Judgement


I was asked, as twitter’s resident King Solomon, to pick the winner of the final round of the Unlocked House twitter contest. This is an unenviable task but one I take on with all the seriousness and attention of a fancy law deciding wig man (The ones with the hammers).

The final category is “How It Will All End” and with that in mind I was asked to judge based on:

a) Originality.

b) Does the tweet make sense as a 6-part story? Is it coherent?

c) Does each tweet stand well enough on its own (i.e. is it a good tweet individually)?

d) Do these tweets answer the topic effectively?

I spent a long time considering these parameters and have come to a decision.


All three entries were amazing and it took me hours to decide who won this contest. That being said, here is my decree:


3rd Place: @OtherDanObrien‏

I loved the humor and twist ending in this series. Big points for originality but I felt as though only a few of the tweets could stand alone. Nevertheless, an entry to be proud of.


2nd Place: @justabloodygame

Glenn is one of my dearest friends and favorite writers and it was tough to separate my love for him from this contest. But I am a wolf with a code and believe that Glenn earned the 2nd place in this competition with his fantastic entry. I think this series is beautiful and haunting. It’s dark and sad and chillingly written. Well done.

1st Place: @ID__10__T

From the very first line I was hooked on this. I don’t know anything about this author but this series is not just well written, but compelling. With very few words you managed to tell an incredibly textured story. Although not all of the tweets stand on their own I felt as though this series embodied the spirit of the competition the best. Bravo and congratulations.


I hath spoken and so it shall be.